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Banksy in St Leonards and Jerwood Gallery in Hastings: art, consent and community development;

Comments below please! (Then book your place for the drama on the 2nd Anniversary of the Pier fire that addresses questions such as: 1) The Pier Fire & 2) The Jerwood Gallery; what have we learned about community development from these initiatives? & which has had a greater positive effect on regeneration. Some regeneration makes us poorer as a society -widening the gaps between us, contributing to unhappiness. What is the ultimate regeneration project that builds inclusivity, keeps the cost of living low in St Leonards, and enables us to be better equipped for the future with the ability to live from our higher values? Is it "The Walking Buddhas of SE England" ****** And here is the non-exploitation plan:

Sunday, 15 April 2012

More details and pre-Booking form for the 5th October 2012 play: "Walking Buddhas of SE England -What have we learned about Community Developlment?"


For my money, the most informative and interesting Google Search about Hastings Pier Fire and it's aftermath is: What I did that led to Hastings Pier Fire. Not only is this blog -and it's videos well-represented- but you also get a David Icke Forum on the topic

Tony May here recommends that you come to the events on 5th October 2012 at the Southwater Area Community Centre:

Booking for all these events is by phoning/texting me (Paul Crosland) on Zero7807066202 and receiving a confirmation text message or on a 'click here and fill in the form at the bottom of the page' basis.

The programme is as follows

Friday 5th October
10am-5pm -HastingsTube Workshop1
Lunch provided; £10 deposit to secure
Fuller programme here
(A draft proposal for HastingsTube Playlists here)  
7pm for 7.30pm "The Hastings Pier Fire Investigation So Far"
(Films recapping the meeting with Sussex Police and local residents last year will be shown from 7.10pm-7.30pm and correspondence with the Ministry of Justice handed out, as well as copies of requests for the HPWRT)
Also covered in the evening will be "What I did that led to Hastings Pier Fire"; a plea to examine and refine all of our ethics in interacting with Hastings & St Leonards youth.

Saturday 6th October 11am-5pm HastingsTube Workshop2
(The programme will be approximately as per Friday 5th; particularly for those who struggled to be available on the Friday daytime, or who wanted to go into the matters raised on the Friday 5th workshop again whilst the issues are still fresh)  
Booking for all these events is by phoning/texting me (Paul Crosland) on Zero7807066202 and receiving a confirmation text message or on a 'click here and fill in the form at the bottom of the page' basis.
The intended play has been postponed to the 3rd anniversary -so save Saturday October 5th 2013 in your diary now!

The playlist referred to is this one: ********

THE EARLIER PLAN (April/May 2012) was as follows; this format is now more likely to be applied in a future event at the Stables Theatre -2013/2014?

This play will be reviewing some of the biggest stories in Hastings & St Leonards over the last two years and holding some of the key players to account.
In relation to each of these three major local changes, the same question will be put:

  1. Hastings Pier Fire (5th October 2010); arguably the start/ missed opportunity to start the regeneration of the local community by engaging appropriately with those known to have been on the pier that night. (For background and full reports, exploring a range of mediation approaches etc
  2. The Jerwood Gallery -opened March 2012
  3. The St Leonards TownTeam (Community Planning) developments of 2012, with Hastings Borough Council backing and involving Gensing & Central St Leonards (Forum) in particular

The Walking Buddhas of SE England → Love Statues of St Leonards” is play by “Paul Crosland, the famous playwright” (Google it) being performed on the second anniversary of the Hastings Pier Fire (for which two St Leonards residents were arrested but neither were they prosecuted or their names revealed through official channels).

The play being performed first on 5th October 2012 (with additional dates planned) can still be shaped by you and by any films you record for YouTube Channel Toothpaste007, or comments that you make there: ( )

The play will include 8 minute live conversations with key individuals about a selection of the following 8 themes, culminating in an interview with Jeremy Birch, Leader of Hastings Borough Council (or his substitute) about the values being upheld in the development/regeneration of our town(s).

Local community (re)generation themes:
1) The ongoing loss of justice in relation to those known to have been on the pier on the night of the fire & the consequences of not resolving this to the satisfaction of the community?
2) What difference the Jerwood Gallery is making, or will -in time- make to Hastings, and whether there is harm to be addressed here too?
3) What "St Leonards Love Statues" could do for "St Leonards" in the way that Anthony Gormley statues eg "The Angel of the North" have done for their local areas?
4) How to stop developments squeezing out much that we value here?
5) How we can best address social exclusion and the roots of social unrest?
6) “Sustainable Local Futures” - in the new world economic order, undertaking the transition to a local economy that is more independent of world shocks?
7) “The amazing wealth of original, talented young people ,numerous local, high profile events and projects” promoted by The Respond Academy, amongst others?
8) "Ethical Outings in Hastings & St Leonards" (in relation to Arson etc) & what role we play across all generations in "character building" and taking responsibility, rather than letting things get worse.

Either we take responsibility for our communities and the things that upset us or things will get worse; there's simply no other choice?

From the above “Local community (re)generation themes” please vote for the 4 themes of greatest concern to you via the left-hand side of

Relevant websites addressing the above themes (apart from this website) are:


Extrapolating from MPs expense scandals & Bankers Bonuses' scandals

Ethical Outings is expanding as a business. Now it includes:
1) Outing people who make money that doesn't correspond to the work they put in.
2) Outing anyone who breaks the principle of valuing everyone's time equally and by so ignoring this principle creates a less-happy society.
3) Outing assets owned above the average
4) Requesting people to hand over to the community the decision about the market price for sale of houses.

Idealistic, moi?
Mary Poppins has now been adopted as a role model for this website; her qualities are something you may care to discuss by adding a comment?