Urgyen Sangharakshita -founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community- and the writing of this play

'If you were sufficiently alert, active, inspired, and dedicated, and if there were a number of you working together, perhaps you could exert a substantial influence on whole societies in different parts of the world - especially where those societies were in a state of flux and looking for some kind of general stability, and some kind of vision or blueprint for the future'"
(Subhuti, "Sangharakshita - a new voice in the Buddhist tradition, 1994, p219-220)

On 23rd December 2011 I wrote on the Facebook page of the man of whom I am a disciple - Urgyen Sangharakshita- that I come seeking his feedback in February 2012 on the play I've been writing.

Here are some other clips from YouTube Channel Toothpaste007 (please subscribe) that relate closely to Bhante (my teacher):

The (adapted) White Tara Mantra for the long-life of my teacher: Urgyen Sangharakshita:

One of the students in Nagpur, India, who wants to translate your books to spread them:

Views on Death in East & West
-& the second part of the video is about Sangharakshita's translation wishes:

For the latest portuguese translations of Bhante's work please contact my Brazilian friend Marcia. Cheers, Paul (Crosland)

Your books in English at Nagaloka Buddhist Training & Social Action College in India:

The short walk that connects OCCUPY BRIGHTON with Brighton Buddhist Centre:


And here's Muswell Hill (from http://imperfectidealist.blogspot.com)

Here are three films which have the text of chapters about fundraising by door-knocking.
These were filmed in situ in North London, in/near Muswell Hill:

And a film about a significant house in Muswell Hill and the move to Hastings: