Brighton-specific film and London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge Triratna etc

The drama is being prepared to reach audiences, Buddhist, Theistic, Atheistic and/or Agnostic, with tailored (location specific) film footage to introduce and close the show.

In most towns the play will be billed as:
"The Buddha of East Sussex - Ethical Outings in Hastings with Gandhi & Dr Ambedkar"

For Brighton performances the opening and closing film footage is as follows:

Film 1)

Film 2)

Free Buddhist Audio - the New Society

Film 3 - a closing meditation/ opportunity for absorption/reflection?:

For London:
Film 1)

Film 2)

Film 3)

Film 4)

Film 5)
This film was made as a third of a Happiness 101 introduction from the local Action For Happiness group; to be accompanied by two brief personal introductions.
This film discusses "The measurement of wellbeing -a radio news piece":

Hastings & St Leonards 
-Action for Happiness
(National organisation website:

For Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge or elsewhere::
The words of the killed father credited with ending the riots:

(Invitations to any Buddhist Centres or other venues welcome.
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