Friday, 11 May 2012

alarmed at how little celebration there is in tweetland of #localtreasure (s)

So here's a few tweets from attempting to correct that:

  1. Paul Crosland ‏ @paulcrosland Refinement @stephenfry .I hereby declare Mark Boyle,T'Moneyless Man,a #localtreasure in #Bristol. Expand Reply Delete Favorite 8m 
  2. Paul Crosland ‏ @paulcrosland @stephenfry is often called a #nationaltreasure ,yet no #tweets have people tagged as #localtreasure ;only buildings! Expand Reply Delete Favorite 10m 
  3. Carol Duncan ‏ @carolduncan @paulcrosland Thanks Paul! #localtreasure View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite 12m 
  4. Paul Crosland ‏ @paulcrosland @stephenfry Yr #localtreasure (s)? 1 in Bristol is Mark Boyle; t'Moneyless Man. Here's a playlist (+Lend-It-All Man.) Expand Reply Delete Favorite 4h 
  5. Paul Crosland ‏ @paulcrosland Please name a #nationaltreasure & NOT @stephenfry & Alan Bennett? For #Hastings sake, some #localtreasure too! #afhh View video Reply Delete Favorite 9 May 
  6. Carol Duncan ‏ @carolduncan Another #localtreasure by @carolduncan - inside one of Australia's last 'picture palaces'!

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