Friday, 23 December 2011

Endless naval-gazing

Endless naval-gazing

A parody of the play "Ethical Outings in Hastings" is also being prepared; this one is called "Endless Naval Gazing"; a title that's bound to pull the punters in!

[insert Mark Steels jokes about the "banging times" youth have in Holyhead staring at shipping].

Thanks for half of the idea, Mike. Your share in the royalties?

Emailed from the YMCA, St Paul's Rd
(After three:
one, two, three)

With love from
-Ethical Outings in Hastings:
Auditions on Weds 4th Jan 2012:

Preparing a dossier for the MP & Leader of the Council:

Paul Crosland is currently:
1) Inspired by
& I have become a playwright & tour guide.
Please also note
Find the next performance or tour (Brighton, Hastings, London etc) at:
2) In the process, co-directing the community interest company that is setting up St Leonards Sharing Timebank:
3) Requesting you to please explore timebanking & register your interest in doing more of the things you like to do in your life. (The request is that you do that this week.)

Or tel 0780 70 66 202 for more connection than an e-mail; I'll probably have some minutes (2,000 a month) to call back.

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