Monday, 26 March 2012

Does anyone think this outing -ie the sharing of a secret recording- unethical?

Cameron's man Cruddas - cash for access to PM scanda:

And how about the 26th March turnaround in initially saying that any release of the names of private guests by the PM was not to happen and, by lunchtime then releasing those details -which was presumably a breach of the implicit agreements that the visitors had that their visits for dinner at 10/11 Downing St were private. I'm left asking "Is there no-one that David Cameron is not ready to out in order to save his political skin?"

Outing can be ethical or otherwise
- you decide.
Thank you for opening this much to the discussion of who holds who accountable for their actions in what way.

I can hardly recommend enough Billy Bragg's song "N.P.W.A." - No Power without responsibility!
******* In this video below I refer again to Peter Cruddas -no one has questioned the ethics of filming him and outing how money buys influence:

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