Saturday, 24 March 2012

Which way captain?

You are the captain of your destiny, so keep steering in an increasingly refined ethical way please.

All we are saying is give this YouTube video a chance:

1) Values:

2)Jo Moon -Stories that heal:

3) Paul Crosland, AGoodWeek begins at St Leonards Warrior Sq- #Hastings Action for Happiness #afhh:

4) The local MP endorses the Action for Happiness work & even Mark buys it!:

5) Poverty in St Leonards, through the eyes of a visitor

6)Introduction to #Hastings for Happiness #afhh @actionhappiness

7)St Leonards Sharing Consortium - some of what we bring together 4 #stleonards:

8) Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness visits #Hastings & #StLeonards #afhh

9)2 things from the chair of HPWRT for a happier #Hastings & St Leonards @thepeoplespier #afhh

10) Ray Chapman, HPWRT, after two day conflict and dispute training in #Hastings #StLeonards #afhh

11) #HastingsPier Fire, HPWRT chair to those there when fire started

12) Ethical Outings in Hastings -Part 1; Southwater Road

13) Hastings Pier Fire 1st Anniversary (1 of 4):

14) Hastings Pier Fire 1st Anniversary (2 of 4):

15) Hastings Pier Fire 1st Anniversary (3 of 4):

16) First Meeting with Zelly Restorick #afhh

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