Monday, 9 January 2012

Brief Progress report on the NESTA SAFESPACE PROJECT

The Walking Buddha - Scene 8

Joey is walking casually with a mate when he gets a text message.

Joey: [reading & being struck with shock and awe equal to being singled out by a cruise missile ] "F**k me"
Josh: [joshing] No thanks
Joey: [hurt & wanting understanding & support] Seriously man, here this. [Reads]
"I know you put the lighted paper through my letter box. You have 60 seconds to fess up to me by text or I go to the police"
Josh: Shit man! Phone Shane!
Joey: No time [Starts texting]. "Honest I didn't. I just lit the paper". Send
Josh: Shit man, did you just send that?
Joey: [wincing] Yes.
Josh: Who to?
Joey: I don't know. (pause) Her, I guess. (pause). If it really was her. (pause) That woman in the paper with no house insurance.
Josh: Silly moo!
Joey: Shit man.

(For background to this film/play see

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Thesedays I'm not so interested (as I used to be in 2011) in taking any co-ordinating role. Hopefully someone will find something on a blog of mine that leads them to want to have a conversation and from there we can set the ball rolling no doubt.

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