Monday, 9 January 2012

Couldn't find my copy of 'Story' before setting out the scen

Robert McKee is it who wrote the definitive book (so far) on screenplay writing? Unfortunately, I couldn't find my copy of 'Story' before setting out the scene plan for: The Walking Buddha / Ethical Outings in Hastings


1) Yvonne and Cosette return "home" to a charred house dripping with water. Cosette calls out for Sammy & Suzie and a fireman goes in to bring out the fish tank.
2) Paul opens pier fire anniversary meeting, attended by Howard et al
3) Dr Ambedkar follows Howard out of the meeting and Howard receives a call from Yvonne about her house being burned down.
4) An Indian Summer in mid-October 2011 sees Paul & Dr Ambedkar (who died in 1956) out in a boat by the pier
5) Yvonne and Howard have a row.
6) Dr Ambedkar (Bim) becomes Cosette's "secret friend" at her new school - no one else can see him.
7) Yvonne seeks mediation advice from Paul, who suggests a radical text message to the suspects.
8) Joey gets an ultimatum text and fesses up to being involved.
9) Yvonne and Paul process the reply with the help of Dr Ambedkar.
10) Dr Ambedkar follows Paul home and hears how much it means to Paul's wife, Puja to return to India.
11) Paul buries himself in the setting up the Hastings Community Justice Panel and engages with Howard, who shows signs of jealousy in relation to Yvonne and Paul
11) Paul comes up with a "crazy integration solution" for Puja and proposes bringing India & the caste struggle to Hastings.
12) Yvonne goes through the next stages of communication with Joey & Shane
13) The website opens showing the 3 ideas for the HPWRT competition for a design for the new pier
14) Joey, Will, Josh & Will argue about who grassed-up who?
15) The Hastings Community Justice Panel convenes
16) Puja prepares to leave for India

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