Friday, 13 January 2012

Ethical Outings in Hastings -Southwater Road Resident

HPWRT CHAIR, Ray Chapman, appeals to those who were on the pier on 5th October 2010 to communicate via eg YouTube or more privately via

Here's a meeting with the director of Action for Happiness, Mark Williamson, showcasing & discussing how Hastings & St Leonards have set a lead in a wide-range of Action for Happiness related projects; including developing community understanding and healing in the aftermath of the pier fire:

A Good Week in June 2011
Are those who use the station in the early morning friends now that I see them each morning when leafleting? It's beginning to feel that way. Being friendly gets friedliness back. It's not rocket science, this happiness.
And here's the chair of the Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust:

Ethical Outings & Restorative Justice
"Ethical Outings" is firstly a drama. It's first performance in Hastings & St Leonards in 2012 will promote the "St Leonards Sharing" Timebank, & you will be able to attend on the basis of owing an equal number of hours to the timebank i.e. two and a half. Secondly, you can trade hours of doing what you like to do (& others like to have) in order to attend a guided tour of St Leonards and Hastings -with added ethics.

Why not now try?: - "St Leonard's Sharing"

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