Friday, 13 January 2012

The Play is the Thing

"The Play is the thing wherin I'll catch the conscience of the King" (HAMLET)

And so, having announced the first venue for the play, offers are welcome for venues for further performances of "The Walking Buddha of South East England (AKA Ethical Outings Around Hastings Pier).

"If the King is Righteous His Subjects Will be Righteous"

1. Once the Lord addressing the Almsmen said:
2. "Bretheren during such time as kings are unrighteous their ministers and officers also become unrighteous. The ministers and officers, bretheren, being unrighteous, Brahmins and householders also become unrighteous. The Brahmins and householders, bretheren, being unrighteous, the town-folk and villagers become unrighteous.
3. "But whenever, bretheren, kings are righteous, then kings' ministers and officers also become righteous. Whenever Brahmins and householders become righteous, the town-folk and villagers also become righteous.
4. "When cattle are crossing, if the old bull swerves, they all go swerving, following his lead. So among men, if he who is reckoned chief walks crookedly, the others crooked go.
5. "Similarly, the whole realm suffers when the king goes wrong. When cattle are crossing, if the bull goes straight they all go straight because his course is straight. So among men, if he who's reckoned chief walks righteously, the others live aright. The whole realm lead happy lives when kings are good."

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